Marc Jacobs Style Icon Number 20 About Last Night Palette

Happy New Year Everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

I came down with a cold or something on Christmas Eve and am just now starting to feel human again so I wasn’t feeling the best for Christmas/New Years Eve.

I was very blessed though and got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her husband who I never get to see so that was nice.

I also received a lot of wonderful gifts mostly makeup/beauty related so I thought I’d share one of those with you today.


I received the Marc Jacobs Style Icon Number 20 About Last Night Palette $99.00 from my sister and was so excited.


It’s a palette that has been on my wish list for months now.

The limited-edition eyeshadow palette features 20 shadows ranging from shimmery metallics to buttery mattes and lustrous sheens all of which have amazing color payoff.


Makeup artist Diane Kendal curated the shadows for the complete eye wardrobe: a golden moment, red-carpet glamour, a modern smoky eye, daytime glamour and a casual daytime look.

I tried swatching them for you, but like I said I’m under the weather at the moment so my girl, Heather, saved the day and let me share her swatch photos with you guys so here they are.


First two rows from the top(no primer and 1 swipe from pan to my hand.)


Third row from the top(no primer 1 swipe from pan to my hand.)


Last row from the top (no primer and 1 swipe from pan to my hand.)

Gorgeous right?

The palette also comes with a huge mirror which comes in handy.

I absolutely adore this palette and I highly recommend it.

Have you tried Marc Jacobs shadows before?

Will you be picking this up?



Shout out again to Heather for letting me use her swatch photos. Be sure to check out her post as well for a gorgeous look she did with the palette.


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