Fuji Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera Review

In this digital age it seems like all of my photographic memories are either stored on my phone or computer and they never really make it off.

That’s why I’m such a fan of instant cameras.

It’s nice to actually have something you can hold in your hands and admire/display.

So when I saw this adorable Fuji camera a while back I instantly knew I had to have it.

Image from Urban Outfitters.com

I mean look at all the cute colors!

I’m normally a pink girl, but there was just something so cheerful about the yellow one that I decided to go with it and I’m glad I did.




Features simple exposure adjustment, automatic flash, automatic feed, and easy portability with a pop-out + collapsible lens.

Produces super high photo quality.

Includes a camera strap, instruction manual, and a built-in lens cover.

Comes with a 1-year warranty and takes Fujifilm Instax Mini Film.

Film not included.



I’ve taken it everywhere with me lately from the theme parks to the beach literally everywhere and I’m in love….yes with a camera haha.

Maybe it’s because I collect vintage polaroids and this camera reminds me a lot of those who knows.

All I know is that it takes beautiful images and I love having it on me at all times.

Now I’ll actually have photo albums full of memories to look back on one day.

The only negative about this camera is the film isn’t exactly cheap.

A pack of 20 images goes for around $24.00.

But like artist Patti Smith says….

“Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have 20 shots, so each shot is a world.”

Oh and speaking of film….

There are so many cute film choices available for this camera.

Just search ebay I’ve seen Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Neon frames, etc.

Lots of fun accessories for it as well like the ones below.

Camera Retails for : $100.00 at Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Michaels, etc.

So tell me are you a fan of instant cameras?

I’d love to hear from you.



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bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

I’m a makeup artist/addict so needless to say I love makeup.

Putting it on in the morning is another form of meditation for me.

It’s my alone time where I can just take a few minutes and be creative.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I also prefer a medium coverage foundation to a barely there one.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

So having said that I’m not the biggest fan of the no makeup look and products like BB creams/CC creams/tinted moisturizers etc.

I am a guinea pig though so when this product launched I ran out and picked it up.

Now after testing it out for several months I feel like I’m ready to give you an honest review.

So what is complexion rescue?

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is a BB cream, a CC cream and a tinted moisturizer all in one. It increases skin hydration in just one week while leaving you with beautiful sheer-to-medium coverage for a radiant, soft, smooth finish. Mineral electrolytes help replenish thirsty skin while marine botanicals boost hydration, and heart-leaf globe daisy—an antioxidant—helps protect against environmental stressors. It even offers mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

My thoughts:

This product was nice for days at the beach, weekends when I’m just lounging around the house all day or just no makeup type days which for me are very rare.

I have oily/combo skin and I found the product to be a bit oily on me, but a oil control primer and a touch up of powder during the day solved that problem.

I didn’t notice an increase in hydration then again I didn’t really need it.

If you’re someone who wears very little makeup, loves a sheer coverage product and someone with drier skin then this is something worth picking up.

For the rest of us though I’d say it’s not a must have.

It’s a nice product, nothing special and definitely not something that I couldn’t live without.

Have you tried this product before?




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Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Treatment + Cloth Review

Happy Hump Day!

I can feel the weekend quickly approaching what about you?

Today I wanted to tell you about a skincare product I’m loving at the moment and that’s the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Treatment + Cloth.

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Treatment + Cloth Review

Before I get started though I want to say I’m a bad blogger.


Back in February when I picked this up I didn’t stop and think I should photograph this for the blog I was so excited to use it that I used it and now I regret that decision.

Let me tell you once you use the product it isn’t pretty anymore lol.

My container is covered in a greasy film and my washcloth which starts out white will never be white again.

I feel like Josie should have made the washcloth any other color, because it’s taking off makeup and that = staining you get me?

So I apologize for the stock photo, but trust me you don’t want to see mine.

Besides the aesthetics though it’s a great product I promise.

Now onto the review.

What is it?

A deep cleansing treatment for face including a rich creamy oil formula and a double-sided cleansing cloth for purifying and detoxifying skin.

My thoughts:

It seems with a lot of skincare products like cleaners I never really notice much of a difference.

Some are better than others, but there are really none that I just can’t live without.

Well until now that is.

This product is amazing and one I will be repurchasing for years to come!

It hydrates, exfoliates, and cleanses your skin quickly, leaving it glowing and luminous.

It’s also designed for all skin types.

I have combination/oily skin and love it, but I think it would be even better for drier skin types.

If you’re in the market for a new cleanser then give this one a try I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Have you tried this product before?

What’s your favorite Josie Maran product?



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Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

As many of you know I spend a lot of time at theme parks.

My husband and I have passes to the Disney parks as well as the Universal Studios ones.

So this weekend I attended Flower & Garden Fest at Epcot and I thought why not share the experience with you guys.

I hope you enjoy.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Anna & Elsa.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015


Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Miss Piggy.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Gorgeous flowers.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Beauty & The Beast.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

English Tea Garden.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Twinings Lemon Twist Tea.

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

Random Fact: I’m obsessed with tea. I seriously drink about 8 cups a day (hot & cold). My grandfather was English and I’m Southern so I think it’s in my blood. Haha. So I was very excited to tour the English Tea Garden and meet the 10th Generation Twinings Family Member, Stephen.

He was super nice and even signed my tea bags for me :).

Day in the Life: Epcot Flower & Garden Fest 2015

After that we called it a night.

I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle post as I plan on doing more in the future.

Let me know.



Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Eau de Parfum Review

I was recently gifted the Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Eau de Parfum by a wonderful friend and boy am I obsessed.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Eau de Parfum Review

I’d never heard of the brand before that, but I’m so thankful she turned me onto it.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Eau de Parfum Review

Like India’s sacred gardens, the fragrant beauty of Kerala Ashok Garden nurtures inner strength & balance. Lyrical notes of Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot & Sheer Jasmine perfectly harmonize with the Ashok flower’s spiritual essence while Musky Amber & Green-Floral Spice centers you with reflective calm.

I like to keep the travel size in my purse, because when life gets stressful I just spray it on and it has an immediate calming effect to it.

It reminds of summers long ago playing in fields of flowers and honeysuckle vines.

The perfect spring/summer fragrance for sure.

Have you ever tried this fragrance?

What’s your favorite fragrance at the moment?



The Travel Size is sold at HSN for $18.00 and the Full Size can be purchased at Lisa Hoffman Beauty for $65.00.

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