Bare Minerals Crowning Jewel Deluxe Original Foundation Review


In 2016 this blog will be 10 years old.


Can you believe that?

It’s crazy and one of my first few blog posts that I did was on an amazing new (to me) foundation I was loving called Bare Minerals and now almost 10 years later its still a favorite.


I probably have 15 foundations laying around my vanity, but if I ever start getting low on Bare Minerals I always run out and repurchase it.


So a few weeks ago when I started getting low I headed off to Sephora to pick up a new one and that’s when I spotted this.

It’s the LE Bare Minerals Deluxe Original Foundation and when I spotted it I knew that the original packaging just wouldn’t do and that I MUST have this LE beauty.


It’s the same amazing foundation that you know and love, but in the gorgeous crowning jewel packaging.


The packaging adds so much glamour to my vanity I just love it.

Oh and after trying every new foundation that’s been mentioned as a must have in the past few months I started wearing this one again and I wonder why I ever strayed.

I heart you Bare Minerals Original Foundation and I probably always will.


So tell me are you a Bare Minerals fan?

Are you a fan of the packaging?

Crowning Jewel is $42.00 and can be purchased at Sephora.




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