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Mor Lip Macaron Review and Photos

Mor Lip Macaron Review and Photos

Mor Lip Macaron Retail for $10.00 a piece.
Mor Lip Macaron Review and Photos

I’m a huge sucker for packaging so when I saw the Mor Lip Macarons I fell in love with them!

I mean just look how pretty they are!

Besides the gorgeous packaging though do they work?

Are they worth the $10.00 price tag?

Keep reading to find out!

Mor Lip Macaron Review and Photos


1. Adorable Packaging!

2. I have both Peach Nectar and Sorbet and they smell amazing!


1. It’s pricey and I don’t feel like the balm is anything special so you’re paying for the adorable packaging more than anything else.

2. These lip balms are made from mineral oil/petroleum jelly and I for one prefer not to use products with those ingredients.

3. Not all that moisturizing.

Overall, I love the packaging but I probably won’t ever repurchase them.

I hate the fact that they’re mineral oil based and I also feel like you can find better balms for a much better price.

I hate to say it, but these are a pass for me.

Have you ever tried the Mor Lip Macarons?

What is your favorite lip balm?

Please share!



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