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Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Review & Photos

Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Review & Photos

Tea Tan Glow can be purchased online for $22.90.

Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Review & Photos

Spring is almost here and you know what that means right?

We’ll be showing more skin!

So what happens when you put on that super cute new skirt and notice your legs need some sun asap?

You pull out your new secret beauty weapon: Beautisol Tea Tan Glow.

It’s such an amazing and maybe even life changing product for us beauty addicts.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a quick tan without the commitment of a self tanner then this is the product for you!

It’s a bronzer, not a self tanner, so there’s no dha, no streaks, no waiting for the color to develop and no uneven fading.

Beautisol Tea Tan Glow Review & Photos

Just apply the color with your mit, wait 60 seconds to get dressed and that’s it.

You now have the most natural, gorgeous color ever!

Then at the end of the night just hop in the shower and it washes right off no commitment necessary.

Beautisol products are paraben free, sulphate free, mineral oil free, vegan and cruelty free for those concerned.

Want to get some for yourself?

Good News!

Beautisol is offering a 20% off code for you right now.

Just enter code ifabboglow when you shop here.

Great deal right?

Now run and pick up a bottle for yourself because Spring will be here before you know it!



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