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Be In Awe Recharge Serum & Renewal System Review

Today I want to tell you about two new skin care products I recently got the chance to review by the skincare line Be In Awe.

Who are Be In Awe you ask?

Be in Awe combines the latest advances of modern scientific research with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic medicine, to deliver a superior, medical grade, skin care range that is naturally and ethically produced.

Be In Awe Codayati Renewal System

The first product I want to tell you about is the Codayati Renewal System.

The Codayati Renewal System is a vitamin A based product that is safe to use for all skin types. Pure encapsulated 0.5% Retinol provides the visible improvement of fine lines, pigmentation and skin blemishes. Retinol also helps retain water and increase collagen production.

Be In Awe Indiraa Recharge Serum

Next is the Indiraa Recharge Serum.

The Indiraa Recharge Serum is a fountain of youth in a bottle. It is a highly sophisticated peptide serum combining Syn-Ake, Apple stem cell extract, Hyaluronic acid, Amla and Gotu kola for a truly rejuvenating effect.

My Results:

I’ve been using both products for over a month and a half and I love the results I’ve gotten.

My skin looks flawless (which never happens), has a healthy glow and even my fine lines are vanishing.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about these products and I highly recommend them both.

There is one negative though and that’s the availability.

Be In Awe is an Australian company so the only way for us here in the USA to get them at the moment is to purchase them at Be In

I’d love to see them in a store near by one day, but until then we always have the web.

Check them out in you’re in the market for some great new skin care products and you like shopping online.



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