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DIY Beauty Tips from Dr.Oz

Beauty Tips from Dr.Oz

To those that know me very well it’s no secret that I adore Dr.Oz.

I think it’s his natural approach to health and wellness, but whatever it is I’m hooked.

I was looking through one of my notebooks today and realized that I’ve taken down quite a few beauty tips in the past few months from his show.

I’m including a few of my favorites below..

Tip #1.
Looking to avoid getting wrinkles?

Take Primrose Oil 500mg twice a day.

Tip #2.
Split Ends?

Take 550mg of black currant essential oil twice a day.

Tip #3.
Want healthy,glowing skin?

Make a mask:

1. Put 3 spoonfuls of coffee grinds into a bowl

2. Put in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil

3. Mix

4. Apply to face and wait for a few minutes then wipe off.

Voila. Soft, glowing skin.

Tip #4.
Got oily hair?

Try Apple Cider Vinegar. Dilute vinegar by mixing one tablespoon into one cup of water. Apply it to hair and then rinse.

I’ve tried the coffee mask and apple cider vinegar and they both work great.

If you try any of these diy beauty tips let me know how it works for you.



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