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Revlon Photo Ready Concealer Review

I tend to stay far away from drugstore concealers. Not because I’m a makeup snob or anything I’ve just had better luck with department store ones. Until now….

I recently saw my girl one of my favorite gurus ,Kandee Johnson, mention the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer on her blog so I ran out and picked it up. Let me tell you it’s the best drugstore concealer I’ve ever tried.

It works great under my eyes without messing with my fine lines and it works even better on my blemishes.  Anyone else out there still getting blemishes even though you’re over 30? Hate that!!

I love Photo Ready and think you will too.  The only people who may want to avoid it are those with very mature skin or very dry skin.  Otherwise, pick yourself up and tube and let me know how you like it.

Available at Target for $8.99.

Have you tried this product?  What were your thoughts?

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