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Nars Bento Box Limited Edition Lipstick Set

Any Nars fans out there?

Yes? Then check this out!

The New Nars limited-edition Bento Box lipstick set is inspired by a pot of lip stain used for kabuki actors that Nars found in Japan over 10 years ago.

The set comes with two cups of hand-poured color in a wooden box with a wisteria-handled lip brush.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of kabuki makeup,” Nars says. “It’s about symbolism and using color to create drama.” The lipstick application is as seductive as its presentation. “You dip the brush into the cup, around the perimeter, to pick up product, and simply paint,” he says. “It’s a beautiful process.” Unless you want to look like a Japanese theater character, however, Nars recommends using a little restraint: “It’s highly pigmented, so I suggest starting out light and building for desired intensity. It seems intimidating, but the texture is creamy and light and will move easily.”

This set will retail for $125.00 and will be available starting November 1st.

You can preorder the set now here!

What do you think of the bento box lipsticks? Will you be picking them up?

The idea seems awesome to me, but for the price I think I’ll pass.

Please share your thoughts!


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