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Review: New Milani Lip Flash pencil in 06 Flashy

I was in CVS last weekend and I picked up the Milani lip flash pencil in Flashy. It’s a gorgeous fuchsia color with lots of sparkles. I just love the color it reminds me of something Rhianna would wear.

Here’s a swatch I did on my hand. It’s the closest I could get to the actual shade.

This lip swatch doesn’t do the color justice at all. Thanks IPhone camera for the blur, grrrr.

These go on similar to a lipstick, but they’re more on the dry side. I felt like it dried my lips out a tad so you may want to use a good chapstick before applying it. It also contains a ton of sparkle which some may like, but it made my lips feel dry and scratchy. Also the glitter stays behind long after the color has faded which isn’t the best look.

Overall, I’d say for only $6.99 if you’re looking for a vibrant drugstore lip pencil then it’s worth a try. Just moisturize your lips pretty well before hand or add a gloss afterward and you’ll be all set.

Have you tried the new Milani Lip Flash pencils yet? What were your thoughts? Please share!


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