Goody Spin Hair Pin Review

I’m sure you’ve seen these in your hair care isle recently. They caught my eye right away with their unique look. The question though is do they work?

What they say:

The Spin Pin is so easy to use. It’s flirty and not too sleek, messy-cute. Do not interlock Spin Pins. No ponytail holder necessary. Spin the Spin Pin clockwise into your style. Spin the Spin Pin counter clockwise to release from your style. For a secure hold, twist the first spin pin deep into your updo catching the hair against your head.

Our thoughts:

These pins are awesome! I’m a hair do idiot. I can do a ponytail and that’s about it….until now. The goody spin pins are amazing for creating cute updos in seconds. Just twist hair into a messy bun and spin the pin into your updo it’s that simple. I have medium length thick hair and just two pins held my hair up through an entire Zumba class, as you can imagine I was beyond ecstatic. Goodbye ponytail holders….hello spin pins.

Have you tried Spin Pins before? What were your thoughts? Please share!

Goody Spin Pins retail for: $5.88 at WalMart.


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