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Is Proactiv the cure for acne?

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Anyone out there dealing with Acne, Adult Acne, Breakouts, etc? Then I hope this review will help some of you.

I had extremely clear skin most of my teenage years and never had to deal with much besides the occasional blemish. Fast forward to my 20s/30s and my skin went CRAZY!! I tried everything under the sun to try and cure my acne, but it just keep getting worse. So one day while I was at the mall about 5 months ago I stumbled across a Proactiv vending machine and decided to give it a try.

I started out using the system twice a day like they recommend and it worked it cleared up my skin, but it left my oily skin looking dry,cracked and old. So I switched to using the system once a day and it worked. My skin is now soft and blemish free. I’m so happy that after all of my searching for a acne cure I found one that works!


  • works!
  • unclogs pores
  • makes skin look amazing


  • gets pricey
  • drying

Overall, I say this product is worth giving a shot if you’re looking for clear skin.  I’ve gotten several of my friends/family using the product as well and they’ve had the same results. I mean if it’s good enough for Bieber it’s good enough for you and me, haha.

Justin Bieber is Proactiv’s newest spokesperson.

Have you tried Proactiv?  Please share your thoughts!

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