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White Sands Velcro Strips Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with Giselle Bundchen’s hair. She has those perfect beachy waves that I love. So when I was offered the chance to review White Sands Velcro Strips, which promise to give those waves quickly and easily, I of course jumped at the chance.

What they say:

White Sands Velcro Strips are ideal for creating waves, volume, and curls for wet or dry hairstyling. Creating results with volume has never been easier since these strips do not get stuck or pull hair when removed. Use our Velcro Strips with any of the Liquid Texture Sprays and get soft, textured curls with volume and shine. White Sands Velcro Strips give you countless options for texture,curls, and volume.

Our thoughts:

These strips are so much easier to use to create beachy waves than anything else I’ve tried. I can’t count the numerous times I’ve burnt myself trying to use straightening/curling irons to achieve the same look these give without any heat at all. Just take about a 4-inch section about 2 inches thick and spray both sides with Liquid Texture. Lay the section of hair on top of the Velcro Strip (Velcro side facing up) then apply another Velcro Strip (Velcro side up) with the section of hair sandwiched between the two Velcro Strips. Align the holes of the strips so you can weave the stick and achieve the desired wave pattern. Do not apply Velcro on Velcro as this will cause the hair to frizz. When you remove the strips you will be left with loose, gorgeous waves.


*Creates volume, curls and loose waves
*Adjustable curl sizes
*Easy release
*Travel friendly
*No heat so not damaging to hair


*Price (Size: Medium – $36.00 for 6 strips/3 sticks Size: Large – $40.00 for 6 strips/3 sticks)

Overall, I’d say these are great for those who travel a lot and for girls like myself who are heat styling tool challenged. Two thumbs up!

Available at: White Sands


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