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ELF Beauty Book Smokey Eye Edition Review

I’ve been a fan of ELF for a few years now so I was beyond excited when I walked into Target over the weekend and saw all the new ELF goodies gracing the shelves.

One of the products I picked up was the ELF Beauty Book Smokey Eye Edition. It includes a step by step guide to the perfect eye makeup, 12 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner and 1 eyeshadow applicator. And while this same kit from any other brand would be 30+ dollars the ELF Beauty Book is only $5.00!!!! How can you beat that?

I tested it out this weekend and the colors are great, not chalky at all. Totally worth the $5.00 price tag.

Have you tried this or other ELF products? What was your favorite thing? Please share!


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