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TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo Review

As you all know I love Dry Shampoo. It’s perfect for those of us with oily hair and very little free time. So when I heard that Tresemme had released a Dry Shampoo I knew I had to pick it up.

Tresemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo is a spray like the one from Ojon. With this product you spray lightly onto dry hair and leave for 1-2 minutes. You then brush out and style as usual.

I tried this out on my very oily hair and it worked….sorta. It takes away the grease, but it also takes away the shine of your hair and leaves it looking a little dull. But, what can I say? Dull is better than greasy right? And besides on the bottle it mentions they have a product called Refreshing Mist for use after the dry shampoo that gives hair a shiner appearance. Maybe If I had that product I’d like this a little better. Another thing about this product is that it seems to weigh down my hair. I almost feel like I have on a powdery, greasy wig. I don’t know it’s hard to explain, but my hair just feels gross and heavy after using this product.

Overall. I give this product 2.5 out of 5 stars. There are much better products out there, but you can’t beat the price of this one. It’s worth a try as it’ll only set you back $4.99. I picked mine up at Target.

Have you tried this product before? What were your thoughts?


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