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Guest Post: Must Have Lancome Products

Happy Monday! Today we have a guest post from Lancome Beauty Consultant, Alicia. This is a list of Must Have Lancome Products. Enjoy.

UV Expert 20 with Mexoryl SX

This is the most amazing product! If you only bought one product from Lancome this would be it. What makes this product so great is Mexoryl. This ingredient has just recently been approved by the FDA. And Lancome has a patent on it. Why mexoryl is so revolutionary is because it penetrates deep into the dermis of the skin. Which is how far UVA rays penetrate. As we all know, UVA rays are what age the skin. And UVB rays burn the skin. The UVB rays are only going to reach the top of your skin. So when you put on an SPF, that is what is going to help your skin from burning. Everyone else seems to forget about the UVA rays which cause 90% of aging. Now, a lot of sunscreens will say that it protects against UVB and UVA rays. However, no products is going to completely block the UVA rays like Mexoryl will. So essentially, if you wear this product everyday you will age 90% less than everyone around you.

High Resolution Collaser- 5X

This is an awesome serum because it is going to help boost the production of collagen in the skin. As we all know, we start to loose collagen in our 20’s. By using this product early, it will help maintain collagen so you won’t loose it to begin with. For those who have already lost that bounce to their skin, this will help bring it back. It has an ingredient called rice peptides to help penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin. And the deeper repair products go into the skin the more it is going repair.


This is a new breakthrough youth activating product from Lancome. They have discovered a new technology to boost the production of youth proteins. At birth everyone’s genes produced proteins that Lancome calls, “Youth Proteins.” Which is what gives your skin that youthful, radiant appearance. As you age these proteins diminish. Well Lancome created Genifique to help boost genes activity and stimulate the production of these “youth proteins.” This product feels so silky and smooth on the skin.

Génifique Eye

Genifique eye was create to activate youth proteins in the fragile eye area. When using this product you will see visibly younger, brighter eyes. When I used this product I saw an immediate difference. It has a unique gel-cream texture that leaves the eye area velvety. Any dark circles and signs of fatigue appear to fade away.


This is a Waterproof Eyeshadow Base. I can not put eyeshadow on without using this product first. It makes any eyeshadow color stand out more vibrantly. Plus, it will make your eyeshadow stay on all day long. This will also prevent your eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day. I have used several other products similar to this and nothing seems to compare to aquatique.

Ôscillation Powerbooster

This is a Vibrating, Amplifying, Mascara Primer. Now, I know what you maybe thinking, “vibrating? Sounds like a gimmick.” Because I thought the same thing. However, the vibrating motion allows the primer to reach around each tiny little lash. Not only will this primer help your lash reach its fullest potential, it will also boost the production of your natural lash growth. The vibrating power primer will enhances lash thickness, density and appearance of length so that naturally occurring lash growth is more visible.


With Hypnose you can layer the mascara up to 6 times without it clumping. To give you a lot of volume and drama with your lashes. It also has a very creamy texture so that it never leaves your lashes feeling hard. I have tried almost every mascara out there, and I keep going back to Hypnose.


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