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Top 15 Favorite MAC Shadows

These are my top 15 MAC Shadows. I consider these must haves and have repurchased some of these several times.

*Note: You won’t find any “fun” colors here as I’m more about browns,bronzes,etc.* Sorry!

1.Love Connection (Pale beige with gold and blue veining/Warm gold mono )
2.Amber Lights (Peachy-brown with shimmer )
3.French Cuff (bronzy-pink)
4.Mythology (Copper)
5.Coppering (Orange copper)
6.Mulch (Red-brown w/bronze pearl)
7.Go (Light Brownish Shade)
8.Bronze (Gold brown with gold-bronze shimmer)
9.Satin Taupe (Taupe with silver shimmer )
10.Phloof (Frosted off-white)
11.Tempting (Sinfully rich coco)
12.Naked Lunch (Minimal pink with shimmer )
13.Woodwinked (Warm antique gold)
14.Vex (Beige w/pink-green pearl )
15.Print (Muted grey with shimmer)

What are your favorite MAC Shadows? I’m always looking to add to my collection so please share!


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