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Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review

I was so excited to try this foundation. I’ve heard amazing things about it and I even heard it was a dupe for my HG foundation Nars Sheer Glow. So when I heard that I ran to Target and picked it up.

I’ve been using the product now for about two weeks and I have to say I’m very disappointed. This product is nothing like Sheer Glow in my opinion. It’s thick and goes on very streaky. I looked in the mirror outside after applying this foundation and I looked like a mess. There were streaks everywhere, it settled into all my pores and it just looked plain cakey. This product also dries extremely fast so you have to make sure to blend quickly.

I’m very sad that this foundation didn’t work for me. Revlon is one of my favorite drugstore brands and this could have saved me lots of money if it had worked. Oh well….maybe it will work for someone else.

Price ($9.99 at Target)
It has a pump!!
Gorgeous glowy finish

Not a wide variety of shades
Emphasizes imperfections and pores
Heavy feeling

Have you tried this product yet? Please let me know your thoughts.


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