Guest Post: 5 Clinique Makeup Must Haves

Here’s another Guest Post from our Clinique Beauty Consultant, Cindy. Enjoy!

1. Lip Smoothies

Lip smoothies are amazing because it gives you the coverage of a lipstick in a gloss form. If you are anything like me, lipsticks these days do not have enough moisture in them. So, you have to wear a lip gloss on top of your lipstick to give you the texture and look that you are going for. However, there are times when I want the convenience of just using one product. This product is the answer to that problem. Plus, they have tons of antioxidants and vitamins. They also feel very smooth on the lips, never sticky. Every single one of these colors are beautiful, so be sure to check it out.

2. Butter Shine Lipstick (Delovely)

I love the texture of the Butter Shine lipsticks. Now, this lipstick does provide plenty of moisture to your lips. When you wear this lipstick, it feels like you are wearing a gloss. My favorite color is Delovely because you can wear it with just about anything. This neutral color gives you a little bit pink and a little bit of bronze to give you the perfect balance. It is the perfect everyday color. Also, check out Berry Blush for a soft pink that is very natural

3. Bamboo Lip Liner

Bamboo lip liner is my favorite because once again this color goes with almost all lipsticks and lip glosses. The lip liner also has a little bit of pink and a little bit of bronze. It is a perfect match for the delovely lipstick above.

4. Fresh Bloom All Over Color ( Peony)

This peony blush palette is absolutely beautiful! When you swirl these three colors together you get a look that softens the whole look to the face. The lighter color helps highlight your cheeks, while the darker colors help contour. Peony is the perfect blend of a peachy pink that looks so natural on all skin types. Also check out the color almond blossom. It is my second favorite that can also be used as a bronzer or eye shadow.

5. Happy in Bloom

Ladies, take advantage of this perfume while you can because it is a limited edition. This perfume has always been my favorite from Clinique. When they discontinued this perfume, it broke my heart. However, Happy in Bloom is back just for this spring. So, make sure you stock up while you can. This is a sweet floral that is soft and bright, and just makes you feel Happy! Almost everyone that I spray it for loves it.


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