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Lil Product Hair Care Review and Giveaway

I was sent a new product to review recently called LIL PRODUCT which is a hair pomade for young people. I myself don’t have any children yet, so I turned to my good friend Stephanie who’s the mother of this curly haired cutie for her take on the product.

Before using LIL PRODUCT

After using LIL PRODUCT

After using LIL PRODUCT

Here’s her guest review:

My daughter’s hair is beautiful. The problem? Her hair is so fine and curly that it creates poof. Almost as if she is walking around with a cloud on her head. The other problem? Tangles. And trust me, tangles and four year olds do not mix well! I recently received lil product, a “hair pomade for young people.” I was a bit skeptical because I do not shampoo my daughter’s hair every day and I did not want to put goup in her hair that would force me to wrangle with a four year old in the tub. But, I tried it. When I opened the jar my daughter’s response was “ooh, that smells nice.” To me it smells like most other organic products, nothing special, but nothing over the top. The first thing I noticed was that my daughter’s hair held the curls, was more shiny, and wasn’t crunchy. The next day my daughter’s hair still looked great – still curly, still shiny, still soft. When I tried to brush it? Less tangles than normal! About the same time I got the product I also took my daughter to get her hair cut. So now I started thinking, is it really the product? Or is it the hair cut? I found my answer soon enough. We had to go out of town unexpectedly and while packing I forgot to grab the pomade. No big deal, I thought, after all she just got her hair cut and maybe that’s why it’s more curly and bouncy. First day after her bath, her hair looked good. Not great, but good. There were some curls. But by the next day I knew. Her hair was back to poofiness, and there was nothing I could do about it. I am now convinced…and my daughter’s hair looks even more beautiful!

Thanks Stephanie for the review.

The Good News is I have one LIL PRODUCT to give away to one lucky winner. To enter just leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win this product. Giveaway ends November 9,2009 at midnight. Good Luck.

You can purchase PRODUCT ($14.00) (for adults) or LIL PRODUCT ($8.00)here.


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