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Russell Organics French Lavender Shower Gel Review

While on a quest to find all natural bath products, I stumbled across the brand Russell Organics.

Russell Organics was founded by beauty product pioneer , Richard Russell on four basic principles:

1. to formulate the finest luxury skin care products without the use of known toxins.

2. to formulate and craft products to Certified Cruelty Free and Certified Vegan Standards.

3. to formulate and craft products using Organic ingredients whenever a dependable organic supplier can be sourced.

4. to operate as a Carbon Free organization.

Sounds like a great set of principles to us!! So enough about that though I know you’re asking yourself do the products work? Keep reading to find out.

Retails for $16.00 here.

The first product I tried from Russell Organics was the Sodium Laurel Sulfate free Organic French Lavender Shower Gel. This shower gel is the consistency of honey and lathers amazingly well. I took a shower with this product after a hard workout and felt very calm and relaxed afterward, because of the Organic Lavender Essential Oil in it which has calming properties. Forget Calgon, Russell Organics take me away.

Retails for $36.00 here.

The other product I tried was the Lemon Jojoba Body Polish. This lemon scented exfoliator is packed with natural ingredients that gently remove dull, rough surface skin leaving the body revitalized. This product left my skin feeling soft,healthy and glowing. I’m seriously loving this product right now.

I give Russell Organics two thumbs up. You get the best of both worlds with these products they’re luxurious and natural. How many products can you say that about?

Have you tried Russell Organics before? What were your thoughts?


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