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Supermodels share antiaging beauty secrets

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days of the Supermodel. In the 90s the supermodel reigned. You couldn’t pick up a magazine without seeing Cindy or Helena gracing the cover. Today a lot of those supermodels are in their mid thirties to early forties and looking better than ever. So what are their secrets to looking amazing after all these years?



Kristen McMenamy(44)


Skincare Essential:


Her moisturizer of choice is Luxe Paris.


Exercise Routine:


Hot yoga. “It’s amazing for your complexion. You sweat for an hour and a half. Afterward, I shower and put on jojoba and sesame oils while my skin is still damp.”



Cindy Crawford(43)


Must Have Beauty Product:


Moroccan Oil Treatment


Antiaging Tip:


“Women forget to take care of their decolletage, and it shows their age.” She protects hers and her complexion with Meaningful Beauty, the skin care line she helped create.



Amber Valletta(35)


Skin tip:


SPF is a must. “I live in California, so I wear sunscreen everyday, even if it’s cloudy.”


Skin Care Regimen:


Items from Epicuren, Dermalogica, and Lancer RX.



Claudia Schiffer(39)


Antiaging tip:


“What I eat affects my skin,”she says. “Anything that’s heavy, like dairy or sweets, breaks out my complexion, and it doesn’t look fresh. When I stopped eating dairy, my skin looked nicer.”


Skin saver:


“Fresh carrot or apple juice and water with lemon and ginger help give my skin a healthy look.”



Helena Christensen(40)


Must have product:


Nude Miracle Mask


Go to facialist:


Christine Chin of New York City’s Christine Chin Spa.
“After I get the microdermabrasion and a green tea facial, my skin feels unbelievably soft and dewy.”


What’s your antiaging beauty secret? Please share!


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