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Faith Hill’s beauty rules

Country singer, Faith Hill, is working on an album, raising three girls, and creating a new perfume. So what beauty rules does this busy mom live by?

1. Forget a full face of foundation.

“I used to put on too much makeup when I did my own to try to re-create what makeup artists did. Now if I want coverage, I dab concealer on spots.”

2. For eyes subtle is sexiest for day.

“Get an eyeshadow brush and apply an earth tone in the crease of lids. Curl your lashes, then put on some mascara.”

3. Avoid overly done waves.

“Use Velcro rollers with a dime – sized bit of product. Your hair will have body and won’t look too curled. It’s a non-do.”

4. Trust your gut.

“It will allow you to be strong enough to reject everything that’s thrown at you about how a woman should and shouldn’t look.”

Great rules Faith! What are your beauty rules? Please share them with me.

Mine are….

1. Always wash off makeup at the end of the day.
2. Only apply foundation when needed. So many women I know don’t need a face full of heavy foundation. Like faith said sometimes a little concealer is all you actually need.
3. Never follow beauty rules. I mean come on life’s too short. If you want to wear dramatic blue shadow during the day do it. Just don’t overdo (I’m talking MeMe from Drew Carry here folks).


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