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Julia Louis Dreyfus talks fitness

Julia Louis Dreyfus is 48 years old and looks amazing on the cover of this months Shape magazine. And though skeptics might say she’s had a little nip/tuck action, she tells the magazine that she is au naturel.

Of course if things start to fall, I may have to do something to pull it all up, says Julia with a laugh. But seriously, the whole idea scares me. My mom never had it done and she looks fantastic. Hopefully I’ll follow in her footsteps. I don’t judge anyone who’s had plastic surgery, but I don’t see it in my future. And my husband is 100 percent against it!

She tells the magazine she stays fit the old fashioned way: through healthy eating, regular exercise, and a fulfilling career and family life.

Whatever she’s doing it must be working because she looks better than ever.


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