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I saw Susan Lucci!

Are there any Soap Opera fans out there? I’m not much of one myself, but earlier this month I took a trip to Soap Opera weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios with some friends who were and took lots of photos. I couldn’t get over how beautiful all of the actresses were. They were all very THIN as well, but anyway on to the photos….

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, All My Children)

I was the most excited to see Rebecca. Not only was she gorgeous she also had an amazing personality. I also liked her makeup the best, lol. What? Hey, This is a beauty blog after all :).

Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children)

Alicia had the most amazing skin. I swear I don’t think she had any flaws at all. Don’t you just hate that? Haha.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, All My Children)

She’s a natural beauty and had a whole laid back vibe about her. She seemed very down to earth.

Kelly Monaco(Sam,General Hospital)

I loved her hair and makeup. She was super cute and very friendly.

Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children) with Mickey Mouse

Susan is in such amazing shape. I swear she doesn’t look a day over 40 and she’s in her 60’s. She totally inspired me to get my butt to the gym.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)

My favorite of the whole bunch! Cameron Mathison is such a hottie. I told my friends I may have to take up watching soaps just so I can watch him, lol.

So are you a Soap Fan? Which one do you watch? Who’s your favorite Soap Star? Let me know.


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