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Cover Girl Wet Slicks Amaze Mint lip gloss review

Cover Girl Wet Slicks Amaze Mint gloss is AMAZING! I have to admit I only picked this up because it was free, but boy am I glad I did.


  • Mint Flavor which leaves you feeling fresh
  • Packaging. I love lip glosses with a wand.
  • Non sticky texture.
  • 13 great shades(several of which are formulated to make your teeth appear whiter.)
  • Price


  • The only con I could find with this gloss is that it doesn’t have a whole lot of staying power. It’s OK though, because of the fresh mint feeling it gives you I find myself wanting to reapply it over and over.

Overall, I give this gloss 2 thumbs up. I like it so much I’ll even go as far as to say this is my favorite drugstore gloss at the moment! Hurry to your local CVS and check it out for free. Don’t live near a CVS? It’s OK you can find it elsewhere for around $5.99.


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