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Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Lotion Review

It’s summertime which means it’s time to bring out the shorts and swimsuits! I thought I was ready but while I was out shopping recently I caught a glance of my SUPER PALE self in the mirror and couldn’t believe I was out in public blinding everyone with my paleness. Needless to say I stopped by Target on the way home and picked up Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Lotion.

What they say:

Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Lotion gives you a beautiful, flawless finish. Neutrogena sun fresh sunless lotion for a fresh, new approach to a natural looking tan. This sunless lotion features an ultra light formula that infuses skin with sheer, natural looking color, then seals it in with skin silkening hydration. Guaranteed to absorb smoothly and evenly for color that is naturally radiant and never fake or flat.

Our thoughts:

I’ve been using this product for about a week now and really like it. It has a very light grapefruit – orangish scent which is actually very pleasant, and the lotion absorbs quickly. I tried the shade light- medium and didn’t notice a huge color payoff but I was very pale to begin with so that could be the problem. I think I’ll try the darkest shade next time but other than that I would recommend this product.

Have you tried this self tanner? What were your thoughts?

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