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Ashlee Simpson’s diet and fitness secrets

Wonder what Ashlee Simpson does to stay fit? Find out below.

Her diet:

Ashlee likes to eat in moderation. She told the magazine “If I have pizza or Taco Bell one day, I’ll have home-cooked meals the next. ”

A typical day for her goes something like this :

Breakfast – Strawberry Yoplait and all natural granola

Lunch – Turkey and Veggie Wraps

Dinner – Lean proteins like fish or chicken and lots of green vegetables.

Her Fitness:

Ashlee has been training with Mike Alexander, owner of MADfit, a private training studio in Beverly Hills. The two usually work out at her home, where she has a treadmill, an elliptical, and dumbbells. “I love it when my arms are toned, so we use weights to target them – and we do lunges to give my small butt more shape,” she says.

To check out her 30 minute All Day Energy Workout click here.


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