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Aquafina Advanced Hydration Facial Spray Review

I’ve heard about people using facial sprays for awhile now but could never understood the hype. Then we interviewed celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel who told us this:

“A mist of spray water like Evian on your face after powder/foundation makes you look more dewy it helps give that JLo glo effect with out the grease and oils! It will also make the powder look just go away!!”

So I set out to find a facial spray. The first one I found was Mac Fix Plus which I’ve heard wonderful things about but decided against because of it’s $15.00 price tag . Then I found Evian but it was still something like $10.00 so I continued to look. Then on a trip to Wal Mart one night I saw the Aquafina Advanced Hydration Spray and picked it up for around $5.00 or so. The verdict? I’m so glad I found this product because it’s wonderful. It helps set my foundation causing it to stay longer and as an added bonus for mineral makeup wearers like myself this product takes away the matte/powdered look and leaves you with a nice natural glow. I give this product 2 thumbs up it will be a staple of mine from now on. Have you tried this product what were your thoughts?


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