Hair Nexxus Reviews

Nexxus Humectress Luxe Leave-In Conditioner Review

What they say:

New Humectress Luxe goes beyond your daily conditioner to provide the ultimate in hydration. This lightweight spray continuously nourishes and hydrates hair to keep it looking radiantly healthy and shiny.

What we say:

This leave in treatment is wonderful! It’s infused with Vitamin E, Honey extract and coconut oil which left my hair feeling soft and conditioned. It also smells heavenly(like coconuts). Yumm! The other great part about this product that I love is that the nozzle dispenses a fine spritz instead of too much product like a lot of other leave in conditioners. I’d say this is a must have for anyone seeking a great leave in conditioner.

Retails for: $9.99 at Walmart


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