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Charlotte Russe Minerals Review

A friend of mine is in town for the week and we decided to go shopping yesterday. I mean what better way to spend the day with a friend right? So we stopped into Charlotte Russe and while looking around I noticed that they have a mineral makeup line. Is this a new line or has it been around for awhile? The prices are really good you get a set of 3 mineral shadows for $4.99. I picked up both the silver and purple set. I wore the purple shadows foiled last night and they looked amazing. I would totally recommend you check them out for the price. I tried to swatch the colors of the shadows for you below. Please excuse the terrible photo.

I also picked up a lip plumping lip balm for $1.99. I don’t know how I feel about the plumping factor yet but it’s a gorgeous nude color so I think it’s worth picking up for that reason alone.

Have you tried Charlotte Russe Minerals before? What were your thoughts?


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