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Jessica Simpson’s Diet and Fitness Plan

Before filming her new movie Major Movie Star, Jessica Simpson turned to trainer Harley Pasternak to get her into shape. Harley is the man behind the book 5 Factor Fitness. The plan which I myself have been following off and on for years really does work. I lost a lot of weight several years ago doing this program. It involves working out five days a week for 25 minutes and combines cardio with weights.

The details:

1. Do a 5 minute cardio warm up.

2. Do one upper body strength training exercise like chest presses.

3. Do one lower body exercise like squats.

4. Do an ab exercise.

5. Do a 5 minute cardio cooldown.

The diet program, consists of 5 meals a day (breakfast,lunch,dinner and two snacks) and focuses on lean protein, low glycemic carbs, fiber, healthy fats and sugar free beverages for a total of about 1,400 calories.

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