Alexandra K 1.2 MIDNIGHT BLACK Vegan Handbag Review & Photos

Long time no talk.

What can I say this blog will be 13 years old in April and after blogging here for that long I needed a break.

I wanted to drop in today though to share with you a review of a bag I got from my husband for Christmas.

You may have seen it on instagram if you follow me there, but I felt it was worth a mention here as well.

The bag I received was the Alexandra K 1.2 Midnight Black Handbag with silver hardware.

For those unaware Alexandra K is a luxury vegan brand.

They have a lot of gorgeous bags on their site, but I fell in love with the 1.2 bag.

I love the Chanel type vibe it has to it.

I also love the fact that each bag is hand made & one of a kind.

On the front of each bag is a plaque that contains it’s very own serial number.

I’ve only had it since Christmas, but I’ve already received so many complements on it.

I think the bag is extremely well made and more than worth the $299.00 price tag.

The only complaint I have about it is the fact it uses two magnetic clasps to close the bag and it can be a pain to line those up perfectly when in a rush.

Overall though I love it and highly recommend you check out the brand if you’re in the market for a new bag.

On a side note: My husband ordered the bag from the Canadian site AllTRUEIST.
The site shipped quickly and the item came perfectly packaged so I highly recommend anyone in the US or Canada purchase from them. You can also purchase straight from the Alexandra K site I believe.

Also I don’t see the bag on the ALLTRUEIST Site at the moment so I’ll link you to the Faux Suede version for now and I’ll link you to the one I got the Faux Leather one on the actual Alexandra K site so you can see which one you prefer.

Have you ever purchased anything from Alexandra K?

Any other vegan high fashion brands I need to know about?




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