Pacifica Aromapower Perfume Oil Hardcore Happy Review

Today I wanted to tell you about a product I’ve been lovely lately.

Pacifica Aromapower Perfume Oils.

They’re a newish line of perfume oils created in small batches by the brand.

The oil blend I picked up and have been obsessed with is Hardcore Happy, but the brand has 4 other scents as well.

Harcore Happy is tuberose, coconut and vanilla scented.

To me, it smells just like a cupcake and that alone makes me Hardcore Happy.

I mean who doesn’t wanna smell like a cupcake?

The oils are also infused with quartz known as the “healing stone”.

Call in joy, happiness and positive vibrations.

Oh, and as for the staying power it’s not super long lasting so I do find myself reapplying a few times throughout the day, but it lasts much longer than other oils I’ve tried in the past.

Highly recommend!

Pacifica Aromapower Perfume Oil Retails for $14.00 at Ulta or Target.



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