Himalayan Patchouli Berry by Pacifica Perfumed Hair and Body Mist Review

I picked up the Pacifica Himalayan Patchouli Berry Body Mist a few months back and loved it so much I had to go back recently to get the rollerball perfume.

So what’s it smell like?

Great question.

I’m actually not the best at describing scents, but just know that it’s the perfect mix of earthy and fruity.

That was terrible wasn’t yet?

Here’s how Pacifica describes the scent….

Mist your beautiful body in scent. Smile & head out into this magical world. You’ve got this. An explosion of colorful scents including grapefruit, white patchouli, sugar notes and geranium. Inspired by the Festival of Colours in Nepal, celebrated at the full moon before the spring equinox.

Much better.

I may terrible at describing a fragrance, but I do know a great scent when I smell one and this one smells lovely.

Even those who aren’t a fan of patchouli should still give this one a sniff because I feel like the sugary sweet notes overpower it quite a bit.

Both the body mist and the rollerball retail for $11.99 at Target and the full size perfume is $21.99.

Have you tried this perfume before?

What’s your fave scent at the moment?



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