MAC Patrick Starrr Summer Starrr Full Face Kit

I went to Ulta over the weekend to pick up my favorite concealer of all time, Tarte Shape Tape and ended up leaving with the MAC Patrick Starrr Summer Starrr Collection as well.

I was very surprised to be honest because even though I used to be the worlds biggest MAC fan (maybe 10-15 years ago) I haven’t purchased much of anything from the brand in a very long time.

So what made me purchase this kit?

The eyeshadow palette.

I’m all about the warm eyeshadow palette’s at the moment and this is one of the most gorgeous MAC palettes I’ve seen in years.

It contains….

Eyeshadow in Sandy Crotch : Muted orange with pearl (Matte)
Eyeshadow in Brash: Pinkish brick with gold shimmer (VLXP)
Eyeshadow in Mabuhay: Deep peachy brown pink with shimmer (Matte)
Eyeshadow in Ruddy: Intense red with gold shimmer (VLXP)

Also included in the kit is a Bronzing Powder in Give Me Life (a Soft golden bronze) as well as two Lipglass in Fashion Punch (a Pale peach) and Cream Pie (a Midtone neutral pink).

I have to say if I were to ever release my own makeup kit this would be it haha.

Bronzer, Warm eyeshadows, and nude/brown/peachy pink lips are kinda my go to.

So good job Patrick!

You killed it on this one.

Also must add that Patrick, his mom, and his dad all liked my images on Instagram as well which I think is just the cutest thing ever.

If you didn’t know I recently got back on insta after being gone forever (beflossyleigh) so be sure to follow me on there if you want I’d really appreciate it.

Highly recommend!

The MAC Patrick Starrr Summer Starrr Kit Retails for $49.50 at Ulta, MAC, Nordstrom, Etc.



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