Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Imperial Ritual Luxury Gift Set

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day for celebrating love and I like most women usually take that to mean loving/celebrating/caring for others.

And while I’m all for that I also believe you should practice self love today and everyday.

You can do that in small ways like working out, cooking yourself a healthy meal, meditating, self affirmations, etc.

However, today I have a $1,150.00 skincare set for those of you who really want to practice some self love and treat yo self.

The set I’m talking about is the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Imperial Ritual Luxury Gift Set.

Kim Kardashian has mentioned the Orchidee products several times on social media and took to snapchat back in the summer singing their praises.

Say what you will about her, but I think the girl knows her beauty products so if it’s good enough for her I’m willing to try it.

Image from her snapchat

So what’s in the set?

The Imperial Ritual set combines the three essential products in the Orchidée Impériale routine:

– The Eye and Lip Cream (.5 oz.): brightens, smoothes and instantly redefines the contours of the eyes and lips.

– The Longevity Concentrate (1 oz.): an exceptional “replenishing energy charger”, the ultra-concentrated serum is even more effective on the visible signs of aging, restoring vitality to even the most tired skin.

– The Cream (1.7 oz.): the fine, melt-away Cream envelops the face in a silky and comfortable film. The skin recovers density and firmness; the facial contours are even. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened and the skin texture refined. As if perfectly renewed and refreshed, the skin is revived and glows with vitality and radiance.

I’ve only been using the products for a few weeks now so I haven’t seen any drastic results, but I do think the items are very nice and moisturizing.

They are heavily fragranced though so if you’re not a fan of that you may want to skip these.

I personally enjoy the scent, but I know some people are sensitive to scents so just wanted to put that out there.

This set retails for $1,150.00 at Bloomingdale’s so again it’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re a skincare junkie like myself then you may want to give this set a try.

Have you tried any of these items before?




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