Foreo Issa Toothbrush Review

As you saw in yesterdays post I was sent the Foreo Luna for review about a month ago.

Well about a week later I received the Foreo Issa for review and today I’ll be reviewing it.


What is the Issa?

Issa is a revolutionary, gentle silicone toothbrush featuring breakthrough pulsating dental technology.

Here’s what they say about it:

Utilizing the newest in dental care technology, the Foreo ISSA™ features high-intensity pulsations which are channeled through soft silicone bristles, instead of the damaging scratching action that standard bristled toothbrushes use. The silicone bristles generate the ideal amount of friction to effectively remove stains and plaque while remaining gentle on tooth enamel and helping to prevent gum recession. With its ergonomic design, the ISSA’s compact form is half the weight of standard electric toothbrushes, and features a brush head with 3D flexibility to adapt to any tooth surface and can brush even the most difficult-to-reach crevices. The brush reminds users to brush a new quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds and signals when a two-minute brushing routine is completed.


My thoughts:


Gentle on gums
Each charge lasts for 365 uses (six months of use).
The brush head needs replacement only once yearly.
No charging dock is required.
Eight-speed adjustable pulsations.
The brush is fully waterproof and can even be used in the shower.
A two-year limited warranty and 10-year quality guarantee is included.
Made from nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup, making it at least 35 times more hygienic than regular toothbrushes, which can be home to millions of bacteria.

Close up of the bristles


My teeth don’t look any whiter.
I don’t think it works as good as a regular electric toothbrush probably more like a regular one.

Other than those two cons though I do recommend you look into it if you’re in the market for a fancy new toothbrush.

I mean this one comes with it’s own authenticity card that’s how fancy it is haha.

You can purchase Issa online here for $199.00.

Have you ever tried the Foreo Issa toothbrush?





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