Wellness Wednesday: Jade Travel Yoga Mat Review

I’ve been on the hunt for a new yoga mat for about six months now.


Why so long?

I had a lot of requirements.

I wanted a mat that was well made, lightweight and easy to travel with and one that was sticky.

So after months of research I decided to pick up the Jade Travel Yoga Mat.

This mat gets a ton of love in the yoga community and I can see why.

It’s the best!




It’s Eco Friendly:

Made in the U.S. with natural rubber, a rapidly renewable resource, tapped from rubber trees and contains no PVC.

Also for each mat purchased Jade will plant a tree.


This mat is 1/8 inch thick so it’s not as thick as your standard mat, but it’s nice for a travel one.

Non slip:

The grip on this mat is amazing!

The reason that’s good is because once you get sweaty you won’t be slipping and sliding all over the place.


This mat is lightweight (it weighs a little over 3 pounds) and it can be rolled or folded and tossed into any bag making it great for travel.

So any negatives?

It’s a natural rubber mat which means it will smell.

The scent is normal and will dissipate over time though.

Other than that I love this mat and I highly recommend it.

Oh and apparently these guys do too 🙂

 photo 0762D324-23EA-4A7D-ACB0-C8A180DF2422_zps1twkzr1n.jpg

I think they were trying to help me perfect my down dog pose hehe.

It retails for 59.95.

Also if you purchase a teal mat (like I did) then 5 dollars will be donated to ovarian cancer charities.

What’s your favorite yoga mat?




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