Small Beauty Kind Haul & Coupon Code

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I recently heard about this new (at least to me) website called Beauty Kind and I love it.

BeautyKind is a new kind of online retailer that allows you to buy the brands you love and discover new favorites, all while supporting the cause of your choice.

Where it’s different is that BeautyKind allows you to direct 5% of your product purchase price to the cause of your choice, whether it’s a national charity or one in your local community.

The choice is yours.

Such a great idea right?


So here it is.

My tiny haul haha.

I didn’t pick up much, because well shockingly I didn’t need much.

My bathroom/bedroom/closet/home already looks like a Sephora store so yeah….

I was running low on my Lavanila Deodorant though so I picked up a mini duo set of that and I picked up the Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser because well you can never have to much skincare haha.

I’ve used the cleanser twice so far and I really like it!

Look for a review of that soon.

Now onto the coupon code….

If you shop Beauty Kind through this link then you’ll get $25.00 off of your first order of $50.00 or more and I’ll get $25.00.

It’s a win win :).

So go ahead and treat yourself and do some good at the same time.

Oh and have you ever tried either of these products before?





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