My weekend via the camera roll

Happy Monday ladies.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Mine was a lot of fun.

Saturday was pretty relaxing and then yesterday I ended up at megacon.

Oh and before you judge me let me just say that my husband made me do it.

I’m only a nerd by association I promise ;).

Just don’t ask anyone I know in real life though because they all lie haha.

My weekend via the camera roll

On the way to megacon wearing my fave new sunglasses from Tar-jay (so fancy) and wearing my current fave lip radiance from Gleam called With my heels on.

My favorite part of Megacon is the cosplayers for sure because the whole process is so creative.

I love looking at all the makeup/costumes/etc it’s just amazing what some of these kids can create and how realistic it looks.


Speaking of Cosplay here is the gorgeous Yaya Han from the television show Hero’s of Cosplay.

Yaya is a professional Cosplayer, Costume Designer & Model.

That’s right kids you can make a living being a cosplayer which just goes to show you that you should always follow your dreams.

Find what you love and find a way to make a living from it.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

But enough Tony Robbins for now and back to the weekend pics haha.

I also always love heading to artist alley and supporting local artists.


Then to end the night I went to Downtown Disney to get some vegan/gluten free doughnuts from Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC.


My weekend via the camera roll

I got one Samoa and one coffee crunch or something like that and they were both delicious.

If you’re ever in Orlando I highly recommend you check it out.

After the delicious doughnuts we took a long stroll to try and burn off a few of those calories and then called it a night.

How was your weekend?




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