Fashion Spotted

Spotted: Cute Target Wallets.

Spotted: Cute Target Wallets.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that last night at Target I stumbled across some of the cutest wallets ever.

Spotted: Cute Target Wallets.

Cute right?

So very Rebecca Minkoff-esque.

And I asked for help deciding which one too buy.

At first it was a tie, but eventually everyone (including Target themselves haha) told me to get both.

I debated on both but ended up going with Trust Fund because I’m a sucker for the color black and black matches everything, but after I got home last night I decided I needed Retail Therapy as well.

So I’m heading back to Target in a few to pick up the Retail Therapy one as well.

I’ll blame it on peer pressure, but truth is I would have gone back eventually anyway haha.

And the best part is they were only $6.99 each.

Awesome right?

I mean for that price why not pick up two or even three of them haha.

I only saw two Retail Therapy and Trust Fund, but according to a message from Target on Instagram this morning they also have Sorry Not Sorry, For Like Ever and Lunch Money.

So cute!

What do you think of the wallets?

Which one would you have chosen?




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