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My Current Favorites Bare Minerals Edition.

My Current Favorites Bare Minerals Edition.

When I started this blog back in 2006 or so my favorite and most talked brand was Bare Minerals for sure.

I was obsessed to say the least.

But after years of trying out all the other makeup brands out there I sorta forgot about them.

That was until about a month ago….

I was talking to my sister and we were talking about how we have drawers full of the latest and greatest foundations, but we always get the most compliments on our skin when we wear Bare Minerals.

So we decided to dig out all of our Bare Minerals products and wear them for a while (with no other brands) to see if the brand was still as good as we remembered.

Well I’m here today to tell you it is!

So I thought I’d do a my current favorites Bare Minerals edition and here it is.

1. Bare Minerals Original Foundation.

My absolute favorite foundation ever.

I own so many foundations I’ve lost count, but this one is the one I always go back too when I want nice, healthy, glowing skin.

I seriously get compliments on it every time I wear it.

A tiny amount of this foundation ( I only open a half of one of the holes) and a lot of buffing are the keys to making this foundation work, but it’s worth it.

If you think it’s too powdery looking or doesn’t last try using less and see what happens.

That’s a tip I learned from a Sephora MUA years and years ago and it works amazingly well.

My Current Favorites Bare Minerals Edition.

Rose Radiance L and Golden Gate on R. Shades were layered to show the color, but can be worn a lot sheerer.

2. Rose Radiance Face Color.

This is a all over face color, but I like to use it as a blush since I’m so fair (Fairly Light in BM) or as a highlighter.

It’s a barely-there pearlized pink sheen which brightens your skin tone leaving you with a healthy, youthful glow to your skin.

3. Golden Gate Blush.

A warm apricot blush that I always find myself coming back to again and again.

4. Bare Escentuals Buxom Gloss in Dolly.

I’ve heard this is Bare Escentuals #1 Buxom gloss shade and I can see why.

It’s a gorgeous shimmering mauve gloss and it’s not sticky in the slightest.

So that’s my current Bare Minerals favorites at the moment.

Do you have a favorite Bare Minerals product?

What brand are you currently obsessed with?




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