Say Hello to the New Plié Wand from Julep.

Say Hello to the New Plié Wand from Julep.

The Plié Wand Retails for $25.00 ($20.00 for Mavens) and can be purchased here.

Nail polish addicts, get excited because I’m about to tell you about one of the biggest revolutions to your manicure since nail color, the Plie Wand.

Before I give you more details though here’s a quick message from the Julep CEO herself, Jane Park.

So now onto the details….

The Plié wand is is a magnetic, interchangeable tool designed with common polishing pain points in mind.

Most notably, polishing with your non-dominant hand, which is a problem I myself have so I’m very excited about this.

So how do you use it?

Just swap the standard Julep overcap with the Plié Wand’s overcap.

Then snap the magnetic Plié Wand into place.

Polish one hand, and then switch to your other hand.

It’s that simple.

Say Hello to the New Plie Wand from Julep..

Oh and I should mention that in 2014 Consumer trials for the product 4 out of 5 women said that the design of the Plié Wand makes it easier to polish your nails.

Sounds great right?

It’s such an amazing new invention and to be honest I can’t believe someone never thought of it before.

It’s really going to change the way you do your nails for sure.

To learn more about the Plié Wand or to purchase it head on over to

What do you think of this new wand?

Will you be picking it up?




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