Easy DIY Acrylic Vanity Tray

Easy DIY Acrylic Vanity Tray

Hi ladies!

Ready for a great little DIY?

Love acrylic trays?

If you answered yes to either of those then read on!

So everyone who knows me knows that I love acrylic trays.

I own several and they’re not not cheap let me tell you!

So when my sister called me over the weekend and told me about an easy DIY she’d recently made that was around $6.00 I listened.

So how do you do it?

It’s easy head to Micheal’s or any other craft store and pick up an acrylic picture frame in the size you want.

I picked up this one which is 9X12.

It retails for $5.99 but I had a coupon so it was even cheaper!

Easy DIY Acrylic Tray for your vanity

Then remove it from the packaging and flip it over.


You now have an acrylic tray.

Easy DIY Acrylic Tray for your vanity

Next buy a piece of scrap booking paper to fit the bottom of the tray.

I already had this 12×12 inch piece of paper on hand so I cut it to fit the tray.

Easy DIY Acrylic Tray for your vanity

Next fill your tray with anything you want to display on your vanity.

I’m using it to contain my skincare at the moment, but you could do makeup, perfume, etc.

Easy DIY Acrylic Tray for your vanity

Now set it on your vanity and enjoy!

The possibilities are truly endless with this project you could modpodge some fun magazine clippings in yours instead of using the scrapbooking paper and you could also make these to display your jewelry or in an office.

I think I need to run back to Micheal’s and pick up a few more of these because they’re so easy to make and just awesome.

What do you think?

Will you be making any of these yourself?



P.S. My sister said she saw this online, but didn’t remember the source. I goggled it and there are lots of other tutorials out there already showing basically the same thing so I’m not claiming to be the only person who has ever thought of this awesome idea. I just wanted to share it with you because I loved the idea so much myself.


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