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NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

I picked up this set at Target for $9.99.

After posting about the NYX Holiday sets recently I’ve been getting loads of questions and comments regarding the set that I picked up so I figured it was about time for a review hehe.

Sorry for making you wait šŸ™‚

NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before I love NYX products.

In fact they’re one of my favorite drugstore makeup lines.

Having said that though I wasn’t thrilled with this set *insert sad face here*.

I’ll explain more later, but first lets look at what comes in the set.

NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

1. A black pencil liner
2. A brown pencil liner
3. The NYX Paris in Love shadow palette in Madeleines and Macaroons
4.Mascara in Faux Lashes

NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

How pretty is the shadow palette?

I love the case with the little bow and I love the colors of the shadows so what don’t I love about it?

The pigmentation!

NYX Holiday Set Review, Photos and Swatches

Sorry for the bad photo, but I hope it shows you what I’m talking about.

This is 2 swipes of the shadow and as you can see the darker shades showed up decently, but the lighter ones barely show up at all.

I don’t know if they’ve just changed their formula or if it’s because it’s a holiday palette, but it’s just not up NYX standards in my opinion.

When I think of NYX shadows I think of creamy/buttery shades and this palette just doesn’t measure up in my opinion.

So what about the other products?

The liners are ok, but I prefer liners like Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils which are as smooth as silk while these are more on the hard side.

I don’t really have an opinion on the mascara yet as I haven’t worn it, but I hear it’s an ok mascara.

So is this set a buy or a pass?

I’d say pass….unless you’re new to makeup or on a very tight budget then this set may make sense for you since it’s a such a great deal.

But if you’re someone who’s obsessed with makeup or looking for a great set of products I think you’d probably be disappointed.

Oh and to all my NYX fans out there the next NYX review I have coming up in the next few weeks is a good one I promise haha.

Have you tried any of these products?

What’s your favorite NYX product?




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