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Wellness Wednesday: Never, Ever Give Up

Wellness Wednesday: Never, Ever Give Up

Wellness Wednesday: Never, Ever Give Up

I just love this quote from Jillian Micheal’s I mean it’s just amazing right?

I feel like as women we’re always so focused on taking care of others (husbands, kids, pets, etc) that we never realize just how special and deserving we are as well.

I mean it’s a miracle you’re even alive.

Did you know that?

I shared this on instagram a few months ago, but its just amazing so I have to share it here with you as well.

There is a 1:400,000,000,000 chance you will be born.

That’s right 1 in 400,000,000,000!

That makes you a very rare, special gift to this world so never feel like you’re undeserving or ordinary because you’re not!

Check out the Ted Talk for a little inspiration!

If that’s not enough inspiration I want you to take a moment to watch this guys incredible story.

He was told he would never walk again and through hard work and determination he proved everyone wrong!

It always makes me tear up a bit.

Just an amazing story.

So next time you think I don’t deserve it, I’m too old, I’m too sick, I’m too blah blah blah just remember you’re not!!

You’re every bit as worthy as anyone else so keep on keeping on toward your goals no matter what they may be and Never, Ever Give Up!




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