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Make Up Miser Review & Photos

Make Up Miser Review & Photos

Make Up Miser Retails for $19.99 for a set of three.

Make Up Miser Review & Photos

Have you ever ran across a product and thought why didn’t I think of that?

Yeah, well the Make Up Miser is that product for me!

For years I’ve been annoyed by all the money that was wasted when I had to throw out an expensive serum or foundation, before it was finished, just because I just couldn’t get anymore out of it.

Well thanks to the Make Up Miser I no longer have that problem.

The Make Up Miser is a flexible, reusable, easy to clean product that enables you to get every last drop out of your favorite cosmetic products.

When they say every last drop they mean it too.

According to the site tests with Make Up Miser have provided up to 21 more days of usage from a one ounce product!

Crazy huh?

It’s also a much more sanitary way to use your products than your fingers.

I have a feeling that the Make Up Miser will be a staple on my vanity for years to come.

Have you tried the Make Up Miser product before?

Isn’t it such a great invention?

I seriously can’t believe no one ever thought of it before.

Kuddos to creater Michelle Phillips for such a genius product.




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