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Wellness Wednesday: Celebrity Fitspiration Heather Graham

Wellness Wednesday: Celebrity Fitspiration Heather Graham

Today’s Wellness Wednesday Fitspiration is Heather Graham.

Heather has recently shot to fitness fame thanks to her appearance in the Hangover Part 3, but truth be told I’ve been a fan of Heathers since the late 80s/early 90s.

Anyone remember her from License to Drive?

Yeah, I pretty much thought she was the coolest chick ever in that movie haha.

Looks like Heather has only gotten better with age.

heather graham

heather graham

According to reports Heather tries to avoid alcohol and sugar and stays fit with pilates and yoga.

She recently had this to say about yoga:

“Yoga is my obsession. I love it! I would rather be doing yoga than most other things.”

heather graham

heather graham

I think Heather makes 43 look amazing and I can only hope that I look that good when I’m her age.

Oh who am I kidding I’d love to look like that now haha.



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