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Makeup Geek Haul

This weekend I went on the MAC website to order 3 basic shadows and 2 brushes and the total was close to $100.00….so I freaked out a bit.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll pay that, but I don’t know I just haven’t been a huge fan of MAC lately (please don’t hate me I’m just being honest) so I decided to think over my purchase.

Not to turn this into a MAC bashing party because I do still love them, but seriously MAC what happened?

I was OBSESSED with you 6 years ago, but now your quality has been lacking and you have way too many collections coming out.

A girl just can’t keep up!

But anyway, back to the story….

While thinking it over I remembered that I’d been wanting to try Makeup Geek products for awhile now and once I was over on the site I saw that there were dupes for all the products I had wanted from MAC and the total with shipping would be closer to $35.00 so I placed my first MUG order.

I received the products in the mail today,which is amazing, because with First Class shipping from MAC it wouldn’t have been here until next week sometime.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the products much yet, but between a few quick swatches and the super fast shipping I’m very happy so far!!

Look for reviews, photos and swatches coming up soon.

Have you tried Makeup Geek products before?



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